our humble beginning

At ’85 Digital Media, we aim to make a difference, we make your brand stand out!

Comprised of two types of thinkers, the Creative and Logical thinkers, our team is geared towards establishing a strong and lasting bond between brands and their customers which ultimately results in interaction. Our Creative thinkers run wild with imagination and find the best possible option for our clients, while the Logical thinkers execute the ideas into a timely and efficient manner to optimize our client’s budget. We not only focus on what makes a brand stand out but how it can create a lasting impression within its community.

We also take pride in being adaptive of today’s dynamic trends and strive to launch successful strategies in a digital landscape. On top of which, we utilize our resources into generating immediate and tangible results that would not only drive our clients to exhaust their brand’s full potential but also grow holistically and exponentially. As a multi-faceted and versatile digital media agency laced with an expertise in digital marketing, we ensure that our brands remain at the forefront of their ventures.