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Five tips using facebook marketing for business

How’s it going with your brand’s social media marketing? Not sure where you’re headed to? We got these five tips for you to keep you afloat amidst the sea of disconcerting social media muddles. Work on these and you’ll be one step ahead of them all in no time.


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Do you want to have an unfair advantage in doing marketing for your business?


Do you want to have an unfair advantage? Don’t worry. We make things simpler, for you and for us. You don’t have to do everything alone. We are ‘85 Digital Media. All it takes is a click.



“ The common mistakes of businesses is doing it all”


THe power of growth hacking for your business



So, you’re a startup and you want a long-term sustainable growth but you’re not quite sure how to do it? You want to make sure you’ve come to the right people to do the job? Well, congratulations! At ‘85 Digital Media, we make it happen with growth hacking. Enjoy alternatives to traditional marketing that is definitely much more low-cost. Just sit down and let us do what we do best.


Our expertise


Content is oxygen


What our Videos do

Retargeting for a higher engagement from your market? We’re here to help give them the visual and auditory experience of what you can do. A unique narrative that will pique their interest? We got it. Our team of can quench your thirst for a higher attention rate!


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Purpose of Free Video

We want you to have it! So why not hit us up? The virtual community is waiting for you! We’ll introduce you to your market in ways you can never dream of with our fresh take on brand awareness and performance. Our team knows what you need and we’ll deliver it for you. So, what’s up? Let’s help you get things rolling with your brand.

Free Video

“You’ve reached the part where you’ll get a free video. Now, do you want it?”


What we do

‘85 Digital Media is not just a digital marketing agency. We set the social media scene for your business to generate exponential growth with just one click. Social media is now an automatic marketing tool for any and every business in the industry. Present in all industries from food retail and healthcare, to real estate and financial services, we aim to increase your brand’s awareness through engaging with your clients and strategizing carefully-targeted content. We specialize in growth hacking with a focus on digital strategy and content creation, curating your brand to resonate with the right people for the right purpose.

 We make things simpler, for you and for us. You don’t have to do everything alone. Make a difference. Stand out. Reach your target with just one click. We are ‘85 Digital Media. All it takes is a click.

Digital Marketing

All these digital channels can make you feel woozy. Chill! We got it from here. With our specialization in Digital Marketing, there’s nothing that our in-depth probing can’t do. From brand awareness to brand performance, analyzing and developing creative campaigns that’s just right for you will be easy-peasy. Stop worrying that you won’t reach your market because we ensure your products and services get the promotion they deserve.

Content Marketing

Day in and day out of creating new ideas can get you stuck in a rut. So why not let us handle your content marketing campaigns? Our team is comprised of creative and logical thinkers who craft content that is equally functional and maximizes engagement from your audience!

Social Media Management

Where’s the best place to converse with people nowadays? Through different social media platforms. Personal contact is typical! Social savviness is our game and we love to play. Reach more people without stressing over costs. We’ll manage your networks while providing both you and your market’s needs online.

Email Marketing

Whoever told you Email Marketing is dead doesn’t really know how it works.  We know you. We don’t just send emails, we develop strategic plans that are just what you need. No print, no awkward elevator pitches, just an efficient and time- saving way to reach you.

Web Design and E-commerce

You want your presence to be felt, right? Our digital natives can set-up some good old “Tell me something about yourself” wonders for your market to see. Let’s share what you can provide best and do some modern online trading, on the side.

But wait! We got more offers!

Brand Management
Digital Marketing Planning
Digital Media Planning
Digital Analysis
Graphic Design
Digital Art
Print Collaterals
Customer Relationship Management


Power of Digital ads


What our Photos do

 At 85 Digital Media, we deliver thought-provoking photos that spur emotions from your market. Entice more viewers with artworks that are perfect for invites and perfect for introducing your brand. Collaborate with us in generating digital ads that have better targeted reach and an ultimately higher engagement.


“ Teamwork makes the dream work “






our mission

We aim to stand out from the digital landscape by focusing on hacking the exponential growth of your online presence. Through digital strategy and content creation, we will make your online presence resonate with the continual growth of this competitive online advantage.


Located in the heart of Makati, Philippines, ‘85 Digital Media will hack the system of online growth and social media marketing just for you.

Founded by naithan cordero


We are ‘85 Digital Media, a digital marketing agency focused on digital strategy and content creation, but you probably already knew that. We know the ins and outs of the social media scene, what people hear, what people notice, and what people recognize.

We package your company for the online community and deliver it straight to their screens, on mobile, tablet, or desktop. We make your brand come alive with eye-popping graphics and heartfelt stories thru video and photo.

We make things simpler, for you and for us. Make a difference. Stand out. Reach your target market with just one click.

We are ‘85 Digital Media. All it takes is a click.




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